About us

Moulid Iftin Hujale-Managing Editor.


The Dadaab refugee camps in Northern Eastern Kenya are now home to over 300,000 refugees. More than 50% of this population is composed of the youth, many of whom are out of school and trying to grapple with the realities of life in the refugee camps, normally characterized by idleness and hopelessness. With no hope and chances in sight of making their lives better, the youth normally become resigned and they find themselves indulging in risky activities that normally endanger their lives or diminish their chances of doing something meaningful with their lives.
"The Refugee" newspaper started as a result of a short journalism training that was conducted by Ibrahim Hirsi, a former refugee resettled in the US. He was on a CDC internship program and he spared a few days to conduct journalism training to 10 refugees that saw the birth of The Refugee. It has managed to publish its first editions in September, 2010 and has been publishing monthly productions thereafter.

The Newspaper is guided by the following objectives:-
1.            Skills Transfer: To build the capacity of refugees in relation to self expression and journalistic capacity.

2.            Promoting social change: To produce and disseminate audio-visual information on specific issues affecting the community

3.            Provide mental and physical engagement: To promote participation, experimentation and discovery of talent among the youth at large.

4.            Enhanced understanding of refugees: promote news sharing across the world that will help people understand the refugee situation as well as promote their welfare.

The following people are responsible of the smooth running of the newsletter:-
Managing Editor                      Moulid Iftin Hujale
Chief Editor                              Abdi Abdullahi Mohamed
Photographer                            Liban Rashid Mohamed
News Coordinator                    Aden Hassan Tarah
Field reporters                          Abdirizak Aden Ahmed,    Hagadera
                                                   Mohamed Rage Mohamed, Dagahley
                                                   Hussein Hassan Mohamed,  Ifo