To Enable Dadaab youth to confidently articulate and express their ideas, beliefs, vision, and to engage in a critical reflection of issues affecting their societies using newspaper, video and radio.

Under this objective, the team will:
  1. Participate in regular workshops on journalism and media (interviews, story-building etc) to enable them explore and learn various ways of expressing themselves using the media. 
  2. Hold discussion forums, talk shows and debates to discuss various issues affecting the community. .
  3. Produce a monthly newspaper that will see the involvement of the refugees in the Diaspora alongside those in other refugee camps globally.  Produce frequent pod casts and PSAs for the community.
  4. Work as a team to ensure that the challenges of their community are well addressed as well as uphold the highest standards of professionalism. 

The newspaper shall have various columns and features targeting certain areas that affect the live of refugees in the vast Dadaab camps.

  • Current Affairs – Local
  • Entertainment, jokes, puzzles
  • Sports


The News coordinator shall ensure that column articles are submitted in time.
The newsletter shall feature the following columns at the moment awaiting future expansion.

To have a person to submit an article on the following issues:

  • Health
  • Business
  • New Arrivals
  • Message from Dadaab
  • The Future Leader/Inspirational Moment

Design & Layout

The design and layout shall be done by FilmAid after all the articles have been edited and submitted to the office. FilmAid shall then go through the articles checking on professionalism and media ethics after which all the approved stories shall be laid out I and the final design shared with the editorial team and other persons of concern before they can be printed and distributed online.


The newspaper is distributed online as well as printed hard copies that are mainly meant for the refugee population that has no access to Internet services. 



There is need for improved distribution as the current distribution is very low and we are targeting at least 10,000 refugees.

The target can be met by the distribution of more hard copies in at least three different languages and have more copies in print

Capacity Development for the Editorial Team

There is need to be regular training that can be done through a regular internship program, which will help improve the quality of writing and ensure media ethics are upheld.

Regular exposure trips to media houses will help the young writers develop confidence and understand how writers in other areas are operating.


Discussions are underway to have a team set up in Kakuma refugee camp to gather news and articles that will be reflected in the newspaper.

There are plans to do the same in Minnesota which is currently home to majority of Somalis in the US.


Currently there are no committed resources to the Newspaper and they have to share equipment with the participatory Video Project which can be inconvenient at times. There is need to have a 2 cameras dedicated to the newspaper and 2 computers and 3 flip cameras and voice recorders that can be used in news gathering and assembling.


If the above are met there is a guarantee that a wider population will be reached and this will lead to a more informed refugee population as well as more understanding host communities.


The newspaper is currently looking for partnerships with media organisations that can help promote their quest as well assist in filling the gaps.


The Refugee Team shall engage in IGA to be able to generate money to meet their day to day expenses as well as support the newsletter considering FAI does not have funding for the Newsletter.

The Refugee team is composed of refugees trained by FAI and they can offer services to both agencies and the community.

Videography Services
IEC Materials
Audio Visual Development

Management Team

Chairman                                – Liban Rashid Mohamed
Treasurer                               – Aden Hassan Tarah

Production Coordinator – Abdi Abdullahi
-Co-ordinaton of activities
-Ensure that assignments are well done
-Provide necessary support to all departments

Sales & Marketing – Moulid Iftin Hujale

-Ensure that the Team is well represented all over and prospective partners/clients are well informed of services and activities that they engage in.


The newspaper will encourage and help nurture a reading refugee population as well as enhance information dissemination. It is a venture if well nurtured can go a long way in promoting the welfare of the refugees.